We value transparency, so here are some things you should know...

As a nonprofit, we operate with limited resources and aren't in a position to pay in advance or hold large amounts of merchandise on hand. For this reason, we work with a dropshipping company who handles all of our printing and shipping. This allows us to only pay for items once someone orders them, and means we don't have to handle any of the logistics, thus freeing us up to focus on adding new features to our platform and helping to save more animals.

We know our prices may be a bit more expensive than you'd see at your local store, but by purchasing from us you're joining the Caim Community and helping rescues and animals across the US. All of our products have a 30% mark-up. You can see exactly what this equates to on each product page, and the rest goes to our dropshipping partner. Shipping costs are covered by our customers in order for us to maintain our margin on all merchandise.

If you prefer to donate instead of purchase merchandise, please head over to our main site.